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<span>You're Invited: Understanding Social Security Decisions Webinar</span>

You're Invited: Understanding Social Security Decisions Webinar

APRIL 25th | 5 PM - 6 PM PST

 A critical component of most client’s retirement plans, Social Security is complex and mistakes can be costly. We know that despite having been around since the 1930s, there are still many aspects of Social Security that are commonly misunderstood. Expand your wealth planning expertise by joining our webinar presentation on Social Security.


We’ll be joined by our internal John Hancock partner Sarah Walter to discuss the roots of Social Security, where the program stands today, and optimizing the benefits and recent changes to the program. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Social Security is calculated, and when to file
  • Spousal and divorce benefits, surviving spouses, and surviving children’s benefits
  • Various claiming strategies and the impact of life expectancy on benefits 
  • The impact of earned income on benefits as well as the taxation of Social Security benefits
  • Review this year’s changes to the cost-of-living adjustment, maximum benefits, full retirement age, earnings limit, and benefits for working retirees

    Have a specific question about Social Security? There is an option during registration to submit your question in advance of the webinar. We can't promise to answer every question, but all questions are welcomed.


    We also encourage you to extend this invitation to family or friends that could also benefit from this topic. You won't want to miss this.