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Oregon Public Employee Retirement System Pension Planning

One of our team’s specialties is helping Oregon PERS employees prepare for retirement. The Oregon Public Employee Retirement System (OPERS) is a pension plan for Oregon Public employees. There are currently 906 PERS participating employers in the state of Oregon and over 374,000 PERS employees. The plan has changed drastically over the years, undergoing the most recent reform in 2019. Because of these changes, there is a lot of confusion regarding PERS benefits and whether PERS employees need to plan for retirement.

We have been working with PERS members since 1993, helping provide guidance and education to a complex, ever changing pension program. We offer one-on-one educational sessions, group workshops, assistance in applying for retirement benefits, and advanced planning to see how your PERS benefit fits into your overall retirement plan.

Whether you are new to the PERS system or getting close to retirement, we will lead you through the process from start to finish to make sure you get the most from your PERS pension.

If you are interested in learning more about PERS and how it fits in to your financial plan or attending one of our frequently held PERS workshops, please contact us.

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The Oregon Public Employee Retirement Systems (OPERS) is not affiliated with Firenze Wealth Management or LPL Financial.

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