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An Interview with Carrie & Sara

An Interview with Carrie & Sara

March 18, 2021
  1. Why/when did you decide to start Firenze Wealth?
    • Carrie: Sara and I were at a professional development training about 5 years ago and every morning during our walk we were discussing where we were with our individual practices. We both felt that we were at a point in our careers where we were stretched too thin. We wanted to create something bigger than ourselves, while at the same time still nurturing our existing clients and being able to continue to grow.  We had a vision of creating a holistic financial services firm with growth potential and not feel that we were at capacity in our careers.
    • Sara: We made our transition to the Independent World of Financial Services on March 29th, 2019. We realized that we could not do the complete and objective work we needed to do for our clients without making that leap. It was all predicated on the much broader range of services and solutions we could provide for our clients with our Partnership with LPL. It was so important to us to be in control of our own destiny and not be subject to additional corporate takeovers that we’d experienced in the past.  This move has solidified our direct connection with our clients.
  2. What has been the most gratifying part of creating your own business?
    • Carrie: I would say what has been most gratifying has been being able to create opportunities for our entire team, opportunities that had been so limited prior to our launching Firenze Wealth Management. In the process of creating these opportunities, we have also developed a wonderful culture of family at our firm and it’s such a joy to be a part of.
    • Sara: I love that we get to determine our own goals and team structure based on our values, as opposed to be told what we believe in. We’ve created an entirely different and supportive culture that values every client and every team member for the amazing people they are.
  3. What has been the biggest challenge since starting your own company?
    • Carrie: Being a business owner means juggling many different roles at one time. That has certainly been a challenge for us. Sara and I have been so fortunate because we complement each other really well and we’ve been able to utilize each of our strengths within the firm to keep everything running very smoothly. 
    • Sara: The biggest challenge for me is giving myself some grace and time to learn all that LPL has to offer and to pace myself in our transition. It’s been just 2 years and we are well on our way to accomplishing our larger, long-term goals. Sometimes I need to remember to enjoy the moment!
  4. What is the best piece of advice you have received as a financial advisor?
    • Carrie: I was once told how important it is to really listen to clients concerns and needs. It’s so easy, as an advisor, to do all the talking and I often have to remind myself to be an ear for my clients in order to make sure they are being heard. We strive to do the best possible job and to be able to offer the best solutions and the only way to do that is to really listen to clients needs. I’ve found this has been an invaluable approach when working with clients and also being a business owner, and communication with our team.
    • Sara: Two things…Do the right thing and everything will always work out, and the second was to give each client your complete attention…set aside whatever is going on in my own life and give each client the full time and attention they deserve.
  5. What is your biggest piece of advice to other women looking to start their own business?
    • Carrie: To follow their heart and not be intimidated by the thought of big change and hard work.
    • Sara: Don’t back down!  There is no reason to be intimidated in this industry, or any other for that matter. Taking the risk of being your own Boss is completely worth it…don’t leave your destiny to someone else’s whims! I would also strongly recommend becoming a part of some type of women’s group. We need our professional sisters to give us insight and encouragement from time to time.
  6. Was it intentional to start Firenze Wealth in Women’s History Month?
    • Carrie: No, but the timing was very good! It’s been so wonderful to create our own history and to be able to look back with pride on what we have accomplished in such a short time.
    • Sara: It was not intentional, but like so much of our journey, doors just opened at the right time. There has been a lot of serendipity in our adventure!
  7. What are you most proud of about Firenze Wealth?
    • Carrie: I would definitely say it is our entire team and the culture of service and care for our clients that we have created. We’ve set the bar very high in terms of the service model that we have developed and our intention is to continue building on that. Not only are our clients appreciative of the care that is taken and instilled, but each of our team members values those traits, too.
    • Sara: I am so proud of our team and everyone’s commitment to caring for our clients and each other at the highest levels. The vibe in our office is one that is open, engaged and welcoming. I’m proud of everyone’s level of care and incredible competence in each of their positions, and their continued drive for success.
  8. What is your favorite team memory since starting Firenze Wealth?
    • Carrie: Our grand opening was so much fun! We had all put in so much work during our launch and the months preceding it. It was so wonderful to be able to gather together with our clients and share with them how our vision had come together.
    • Sara: There are so many! We really try to celebrate at every opportunity…sometimes that has meant sitting on the floor with Ryder at the end of a long week, sipping prosecco and sharing what went well and what didn’t. The sense of community with our team is just amazing!
  9. What has surprised you the most about starting your own company?
    • Carrie: There really weren’t any surprises. We knew getting started that there would be so much work involved to get to where we are today. There was no looking back.  Once we had made our decision to start our own firm, we just focused on moving forward towards our goals one step at a time.
    • Sara: How much work it is and how much fun it is! I love the new challenges and character-building moments we’ve had, as well as looking back to the day we started. I love working with people who are so dear to me!
  10. What are you most excited for in the next 5 years of Firenze Wealth?
    • Carrie: I’m excited to see how much growth we continue to see in new clients and new team members. We have some lofty goals for the future and they are going to be fun to see unfold.  It’s going to be so exciting!
    • Sara: Carrie and I have so much planned! I’m excited for the continued growth of our team and being more involved in our direct community. I’m so excited to keep our momentum up and to be able to curate our brand and client experience even more. We are truly blessed!